The Benefits of Being “Nosy”

The Benefits of Being “Nosy” in Handling Employee Relationships As CEO or owner of your company, it isn’t often that you get caught up in inter- or intra-office relationships.  You usually let your department heads, supervisors or HR handle any issues. There are times, however, when it is wise to be a little bit more “nosy.”  For example: When you notice that production has inexplicably dropped. When there has been an up-tick in the number … Read More

Hire (and Keep) the Right People

How to Hire (and Keep) the Right People. Finding just the right person to fill a position in your company is often a long, frustrating process. Maybe you have hired a candidate only to discover months later that he or she is not a good fit.  Here are tips for streamlining the process and hiring the right person the first time: Revise the job description to reflect where your company is now.  Your company is … Read More

Location for your Company

Finding the Perfect Location for your Company Whether you are planning to move your facility or are starting up a new company, there are several critical factors that you need to keep in mind when selecting a location.  This two-part Power Tip will not only help you sort out your variables, but also open up your thinking to options that you may not have known were available to you.   Think “outside the box” Exploring … Read More

Your business structure.

When should you change your business structure? If your company is steadily growing or suddenly needs to expand, you may want to consider changing the structure of your business from a sole proprietorship or a partnership to a Limited Company.  Very often this proves to be a smart move at the right time and well worth the effort and investment.   Typically, a Limited Company is an “LLC” (Limited Liability Company) in the US, or … Read More

Working from home?

Can I start my business by working from home? Working from home requires considerable self-discipline and will not suit everybody. However, it is an excellent way of starting a new venture when the business proposition allow, particularly because you will incur lower overheads during the critical stage of establishing the business. It will also allow you to claim a percentage of your property’s running costs as an office. However, there is a danger that, if … Read More

How quickly can you deliver?

I read an interesting article last week about customers’ expectations on delivery – not surprisingly “allow 28 days for delivery” is out. Remember, a lot of customers take a huge leap of faith in ordering from a company they might not know. They almost expect to be ripped off and if they don’t hear back from you quickly a larger percentage than you would expect will start cancelling their payments. You can now order, pay and … Read More