When we first met the founder Winsome Duncan she was unemployed and disheartened by her experience. Despite that she had begun setting up her social enterprise and had a vision of who she wanted to help and what she wanted to achieve.


Winsome required additional support continuing to set up her organisation, making applications for funding, preparing to pitch to funders, building partnerships and connecting with stakeholders as well as project planning and practical assistance.


Prior to MPLOYME’s set up SNM provided telephone support and was available to offer expertise to Winsome. As MPLOYME began to make progress and the first application for funding was successful we worked together in house to ensure services would be delivered in a timely manner and in line with the funding bid.

This work included researching service providers, contacting potential partners, developing service packages, marketing, setting up meetings, networking, introductions to contacts, attending meetings, interviews and pitching to funders.

Project planning was a big factor in delivering the first and subsequent workshop programmes, including the project management and logistics of each programme. We also participated in the process of recruitment of facilitators and staff.

Winsome who is also an author and runs other events in addition to her business MPLOYME was assisted in event planning and stage management of events including her book launch, business launch and annual event Unleash the Entrepreneur within.
In 2015 we helped manage MPLOYME’s first enterprise fair which was a great success.
SNM introduced the company to the housing sector and made key connections with the Mayor of London’s office and other organisations for networking and future ventures.
SNM also played a role in delivery of workshops in accordance with successful funding bids and the evaluation and reporting process.


MPLOYME continue to deliver workshops and support to unemployed and aspiring business owners. Having learned some valuable skills and using tools that SNM provided, to move the business to the next stage.

Benefiting from SNM history in the housing sector MPLOYME is in a better position to put forward proposals for funding directly to these organisations and offer services which are targeted to their clients needs.

Winsome has benefited from the expertise of SNM, absorbing key elements of the project management process and putting them into practice in her own businesses in her own unique style.

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